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Understanding Home Valuation

As a home buyer, you will come across a number of costs and values when searching for a home. In fact , an individual home may have three values ” connected ” to it. The assessed worth of a specific home may be $245, 000. The appraised worth may be $262, 000. As well as the listing cost  may be  greater than both, at $270, 000.

This can be confusing to home buyers. Nonetheless it doesn’t have to be. Continue reading to learn the variations (and similarities) between appraised worth, assessed worth, and fair market value. Learn and understand which ones are usually most important for you, as a home buyer.

  • Appraised value is the result of a comprehensive home appraisal conducted by a licensed appraiser, this is normally requested by thef a bank or even mortgage lender.
  • Assessed  property value comes from the local tax assessor’s office. It is used for taxation purposes and is not very useful to home buyers who are trying to form their offers.
  • Fair market value (FMV) is the price a house will likely bring in the current marketplace, based on the current balance associated with supply and demand. Spot the emphasis on the word “current”. When a house is outlined for sale at or close to the fair market value, it can be likely to sell in a reasonable period of time. You can determine the FMV of a property by using similar sales, or comps.
  • Asking price is the price at which the home is being offered for sale. It may be a realistic asking price based on current market conditions. Or, it may be way off the scope of current market conditions as a result of wishful thinking on the sellers part. It is important to determine which of those is the case.

The most important to home buyers would be the fair market value of a house. That’s what you should base your own offer on. After all, the market does determine what a particular asset is worth at any given time.

The appraised value is also important to a home buyer, but it should be considered together with the current market value.

The assessed property value is what determines your property taxes, but is not involved in the bid and negotiating process.

The seller’s list or asking price is just a number that a seller believes their home is worth. It may or may not line up with current market conditions. It is the responsibilty of the seller and their representative to determine which of these is the case.

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